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Our design process starts with an extensive discussion with the client to determine the exact requirements of the proposed web site, and how this fits in with the current and proposed marketing and business aims. This initial consultation costs nothing.

When considering the design of any site we believe in following a few basic principles:

  • Navigation through the site should be easy and obvious to the sites' users.
  • The web site should be able to be veiwed on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones without compromising useability.
  • The web site should be compatible with all major browsers.
  • Images and page content should be optimised, so pages load fast.

Standard Sites

Many of our clients are happy for us to design, and then periodically update, their web sites. Infrequently they may come back to us with minor modifications to be made to certain pages.

This gives them the time to concentrate on running their business, whilst delegating the webiste management to us.

For a large number of web sites static web pages are fine. You provide us with the text and images and we will create the web page for you.

Content Management

For clients with a desire to have more control over the content of their site, depending upon the specific need we can either install and tailor Wordpress, or provide bespoke content management systems (CMS) better suited to their requirements.

This allows much greater freedom for the client to design their own page content, and to add images. However the downside of this freedom is that there is a slightly longer learning curve for the client, and they also need to be more aware of basic design principles when creating the web site pages. However, for the client who wishes to have more control over their web site content, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of the steeper learning curve, and initial higher costs.

Online Stores

More complex sites with e-commerce facilities can add another sales channel to your organisation, at a fraction of the cost of any other means.

Integrated online credit card processing increases the likelihood of customer purchase, and reduces the retailers overhead burden.

Startup Websites

Are you thinking of starting a new business? You need to consider a registering a domain name and having a simple web site.

To find out why read more here.

All sites we design are fully optimised for obtaining high positions on major search engines.

We can also advise owners of existing web sites on the changes necessary to get better rankings. For one such client we moved them from position seventy on Google up to number one!

Look through our current portfolio to see examples of the range of sites we produce.