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Web Design Costs

It is impossible in advance to put an exact figure on the cost to design a web site, since that will depend upon the exact needs identified in discussion with you, however the information below should give you an idea as to the potential costs involved.

Unlike some webdesign companies we do not charge a set fee per page. We believe that this is an unrealistic pricing method, partly due to the fact that each site is different, but also since much of the design time is spent on the overall site design, layout and theming, and this is likely to take almost as long for a simple two page site as it would for a much larger site. Also we would not wish you to feel constrained by the fact that if you wanted a slightly different site layout involving a few extra pages then you would know it would cost more.

Instead, after an initial free consultation with you to determine your exact requirements, we would give a fixed quote for the web site design.

However as an example of our pricing, quotes for small simple sites tend to start from around £250, whilst costs for larger sites involving dynamic programming and databases are obviously more expensive.

When comparing our costs with other web design companies it is important to note that we do not charge monthly maintenance fees.

Other Costs :

Domain name

The cost of a domain name currently is between £12 and £20 per annum depending upon the type of domain name required.

Web space

The annual cost of obtaining space on which to host your site would be in the range £35 to £60 a year. The wide range in cost is due to extra facilities, such as the ability to include support for databases, streaming media, and to enable secure transactions.