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Domain names

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The domain name is the main "address" of your site, e.g. There are a number of suffixes available, among the most common being .com .org and .net. Each suffix creates a different domain, so for example the domains and are totally different domains and can be owned by different organisations.

If you already have an internet connection it is likely that your ISP ("Internet Service Provider") will allow you to have some web space with your account, and you would have an address such as For the following reasons we would however always recommend that you get your own domain name:

  • Your own domain name will probably be easier to remember;
  • Having your own domain name looks "more professional";
  • Having your own domain name means you can have an email address related to that domain rather than a more generic one such as;
  • You can more easily switch ISP if your email and web space are not tied to them;
  • Some of the major search engines do not look at domains which are a sub-domain of an ISP;
  • If you don't register your domain name then someone else might;
  • It really doesn't cost much to have a domain name.

We can purchase a domain name on your behalf, or you can purchase one yourself.

Please note that all domains registered on behalf of clients are registered in the clients name.